Our family history ensured we had a certain level of immersion in music – and this did include formal training. The answer to the age old question of “natural” talent is nebulous. I don’t think it can be accurately resolved. Other than to say, in essence I am seduced, infatuated and captivated by music. 

I know that much exists naturally within me – whatever else is the eventuality of application and experience.

*Premier - Frankie & Albert (Official Music Video)* 

A New Orleans style R&B classic - based on an epic tale of love, stupidity and death.

Music Credits:
Recorded @ Zenith Studios, Nashville TN and ZebraC Studios, Melbourne
Produced By Jules Boult
Mastered By Jules Boult
Arrangement By Jules Boult
Jules Boult: Vocals, Piano, Electric Guitar
Larry Marrs: Bass Guitar
Chris Golden: Percussion
John Heinrich: Saxophone
Video Credits:
Dancer: Ian Calcutt
Artwork by Ian Calcutt
Filmed and directed by Fuz shout@fuzvisuals.com email: shout@fuz.wtf
Tim Boult, Damian Boult, Damian Nugent, Wes Hopkins, Joel Plymin



*Premier - MAMMA LOVES TO DANCE (Official Music Video)* 

A brooding cross-generational take on Southern Soul and Rhythm & Blues - delivering an ageless and liberating - groove for lovers who dance, and dancers who love. 

Recorded @ ZebraC Studios, Melbourne, Australia 
Produced By Jules Boult 
Music & Lyrics By Jules Boult 
Jules Boult: Vocals, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Percussion. 

Filmed and directed by Fuz Fuz Visuals email: shout@fuz.wtf 


"Play something sweet...play something mellow..." 

Son: "Dad - who was Allen Toussaint?" 

Me: "I guess you could think of him as a bit like Santa Claus for musicians...just send him a list of hit songs you would like...and then wait for them to arrive"

Son: "Did you see him perform?"

Me: "Sure!"

Son: "Did you have a favourite song of Allen's?"

Me: "Hmmm...I guess so...probably this one..."

"I want to lay down...my bourbon..." 

Hi Folks - here is a sneak peak of the action from this year's tour along Highway 61 from New Orleans - through the Mississippi delta - and onto Chicago and New York City! 

The images were contributed by members of the 2015 tour!

The music was recorded at TMC Studio's Nashville - and performed by: Jules Boult, Chris Golden, Mark Dreyer, John Hiendrich and The Highway 61 Singers!!


"Messin' With The Kid...Highway 61 Tour 2016" 

Whilst on The Highway 61 Tour 2015 - My  "Chicago Redeemers" included the perfect gentleman and legend Merle Perking on Drums!

Merle sent me this video - from a few years back - doing his thing with Buddy Guy and Junior Wells - nice groove - go Merle!!

...bookings are now open for The Highway 61 Tour 2016!


"The Doctor he asked, how can it be...there's so much rum...and cola...inside of me?" 


Hi Folks - we are heading into October - historically a monumental party month for myself and the Redeemers! There will be many fine venues to catch some music...and we are back at The Rainbow Hotel - our home ground in St David Street, Fitzroy on Sundays! The list of collaborators for the Rainbow shows include: Jimmie Sloggett, Paul Coyle, Jesse Valach, Andrew Houston, David Gooey, Nathan Ford, Michael DiCecco, Winston Galea, Aaron Richard, Mirko Guerrini and special guests!

As tradition demands - you'll have to show up on the day to find out who is playing...mo' scocious!

"She's the cutest little thing in a skirt...my girl's a flirt" 


Hi Folks - I am delighted to disclose that we shall be joyriding "Highway 61" from New Orleans to the Mississippi Delta...and beyond again in 2016! Our trajectory shall be strewn with juke-joints, hony-tonks and celebrated destinations. Our days and nights marinated in the distilled essence of the blues and tinged with the songful narrative of regional musicians. I am all anticipation!

For all the particulars please visit: www.bluestours.com.au